As promised from previous post about uncapping surfmax50, the new trick of getting uncapped internet service from smart is by using their old UNLISURF promo, but their is a catch, you cant register unlisurf50 now, and the unlisurf link on smartbro dashboard points to surprise... SURFMAX.

The trick is finding a retailer that can load an unlisurf from their sim, but not all load retailer know about this, or know it but didn't bother to update their sim, but you makeorbrick readers has now an option, you can get your suking tindahan to update their sims by teaching them what im going to teach you now.

First, the retailers sim should be 128k sim, not the old 32k or 64k sim.
Second, their phone batteries should be 60% charged just to be safe.
Third, send the update codes, its GETBRO send to 343

Now, you can load Unlisurf50 or any unlisurf denomination, and now enjoy surfing LTE speed without any restrictions again :)

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  3. Paano malalaman kung 128k sim ung sim

    1. It is indicated on your simcard, if its new, like it is bought this 2010 or so; and you can always try to update it, better update at night, my 1st try has failed and it was day time. If your retailer sim has SMARTBRO menu, then its new (128k) you can update it to add the new sub menus :)

  4. tried updating my smartbro menu but wala po yung unlisurf na sub menu 😓

  5. What sim did you use for the LTE? Currently using the Jump in sim and once I encoded it, I got a text that the target account is not allowed to avail this product.

    1. I am using kickstart sim from smart for this trick

  6. I've tried updating my retailer sim then I recieved a message saying that it wont process.. what will I do now?

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    1. Opo working po eto until now eto gamit ko

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  10. Hello po, saan po ba pwede bumili ng Smart Retailer Sim?