Smart's definition of unlimited internet is 800mb bandwidth, yes, this is sad but true. After you reach the 800mb cap, your internet speed will be throttled. Some users are doing tricks to uncap the Surfmax50 by doing the double registration (sending SURFMAX50 to 2200 twice) but its not working anymore. Other users that is reaching the 800mb cap has another trick, they load Bigbytes 5 to uncap their throttled internet speed, but sadly after the Smarts nationwide maintenance, is now not working too.

but their is still Goodnews, there is UNLISURF50, its not capped, specially if you are on LTE network. but UNLISURF50 is not available in smartbros's dashboard. the trick is you need to load from a retailer with an updated reloader menu a UNLISURF50. I will post about this later...

EDIT: I already posted how to load Unlisurf50 directly from retailers sim

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  1. is UNLISURF is gone in any RETAILER??.. i tried UNLISURF in a retailer but none. failed..

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  3. no longer available including in those retailers as it will prompt a message, unlisurf** is no longer available since August 20, 2016...

  4. haha sadly i tried it before and it works for me. but now unlisurf already have a capping

  5. Is UNLISURF995 legit? The retailer suggested I take it instead of the usual Surfmax. I am able to surf the web but can't seem to get better than 3G speeds.

  6. hmm my unlisurf85 stopped for so many hours and 211 msg me some chinese words

  7. I have been using unlisuft for more than 2 months.. the reality is that not every retailer has it in their menu.. i am lucky to find one near me and she has all the unlisurf denomination... i usually register unlisuf995.. it supposedly be unlimited internet.. but its not the case... i usually get blocked once i exceed 3.2GB of data used.. after that i get blocked for 10-12 hours.. meaning i am out of connection for 12 hours.. not throttled no i mean Disconnected.. which sucks.. on the other hand.. just ealier this month i accidentally left my torrent downloading i downloaded 12GB of data.. and didnt get blocked.. was a bit shocked.. so i tried it again and to y surprise i got blocked after 3GB.. so dont know what the game here.. now i try to maximize my download and try to get blocked before 10pm.. so i can get my connection early 10am.. by using this tactic.. i now cap occasionally 5 to 8 Gb of data before i get blocked.. but who cares.. i will go to sleep and wake up at 9 and my connection is back..

    I honestly dont know what the promo mechanics for the unlisurf..i dont know whats the cap limit either..

    1. Even Flexitime has that issue, I usually go to their website and get a help ticket whenever it happens and it connects again. Though you need to wait for a bit.

      And lucky you man, I've been visiting so many stores yet none of them has unlisurf... But now I know it still exist...... And I will find that store.

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    1. Manloloko tong seller na toh, sa una rereplyan ka about sa details dw ng bugged sim nila, after mo na madeposit un payment, wla na, nde kn rereplyan! mga manloloko!!!

  9. How to unSubscribe surfmax???