Here is a new way or trick of unblocking sim from our friend in a symbian forum, this is very hand because buying sim everytime you are blocked will be costly and beats the purpose of having lower cost on your internet bills.

When your simcard is blocked, you will not have 4G signals, you can easily see it on S22 and 931 modems, the signal led indicator will be color red, instead of the blue color. when your blocked from 4g signal of smart, then you wont be avail to connect and your load will be forfeited, well not until you do this unblocking trick for your smartbro kickstart simcard.

First is to set your signal into 2G, if your using a modem, set your modem to recieve 2G signal only
or if your are using smart phones like iphones and androids, set your signal to GPRS/2G only
better yet, insert the blocked sim on some old touch phones.

Second step is texting some keywords to a set of smart numbers, remember to ignore any replies from smart, or any errors like sending failed, etc...

Third is of course the keywords, text GPRS ON to 211, then text 3G ON to 211, also text POWERAPP to 5555 or 7577, after that text SET to 211, then reboot your unit, modem, or handset. let it sit for a while, then then after 5mins or so, try to set your signal to 4G, congrats, your smart kick start sim is now unblocked, you can now continue using your remaining time on your UNLISURF PROMO from Smart.

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  1. Is this works? Any feedbacks for those who tried this

    1. It is working for smart bro kickstart simcard, just ignored the reply from smart, i already tried this and my sim is back to 4g signal from redtide

  2. Hello I would like to say thank you so so much for posting this information or how-to because it helped a lot because I had my Smartbro kickstarter sim prepaid I bought yesterday and I got it blocked because I accidentally slept with my data open and I didn't knew it was because of Smart's FUP. Anyway thank you so much.

    -Roxette Pastrano a visitor

  3. sabi sakin di raw pwede sa sim ko yun naka smartbro ako'

  4. Replies
    1. Pocket wifi po yung gamit ko, sa dashboard ako nag sesend nang mga keywords

  5. Account is not allowed to avail this service nakalagay sakin bakit ganun

  6. Account is not allowed to avail this service nakalagay sakin bakit ganun

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  8. This thing actually does work, but only on mobile. Tried it on my pocket WiFi a couple times and failed. But when I did it on my phone it was almost instant.

    Here's what I did:

    Turn off Data (even if you can't connect)

    Set signal to 2G/GSM

    GPRS ON - 211

    3G ON - 211

    POWERAPP - 7577

    SET - 211

    Reboot the phone

    You'll get a message about your MMS/GPRS/3G Setting

    You'll get 2 configuration messages

    Install both of them

    Wait until you get a message about your MMS/Internet Setting

    Wait for about 5 minutes

    Set your signal to 3G/4G and turn on the Data


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  10. Kailngan ba may extra 100 pesos load?